Please VOTE on or by November 3rd!


 Vote YES on SM for a Stronger Santa Monica


 2020 has been a challenging year and   your vote for Measure SM is part of the solution. 

Rising Above Difficult Times
Santa Monica has a legacy of coming together to solve our most challenging problems. We are rising to the unprecedented public health threat of COVID-19, the economic impacts it has created and the overall stress that people are feeling. Our community is taking sensible public health measures, supporting our local small businesses, and protecting our most vulnerable neighbors.

Measure SM: Essential for Rebuilding a Stronger Santa Monica



All Santa Monicans will benefit from Measure SM.

Measure SM is a vital part of rebuilding our community’s strength, and it raises taxes only on corporations and those who sell properties worth $5 million or more.

Vote YES on Local Revenue Measure SM to protect Santa Monica and fund the essential services we rely upon:

  • Maintain clean beaches and parks 

  • Protect 911 emergency response services

  • Fund economic recovery efforts, including helping businesses to re-open safely

  • Restore library programs

  • Continue programs and services proven to reduce homelessness

  • Support rental assistance programs for local seniors and others to keep them in their homes

  • Funding environmental sustainability programs

  • Fund Meals on Wheels and the Westside Food Bank

  • Restore after-school programs and mental health services for Santa Monica youth


Every penny raised by Measure SM will be spent here in Santa Monica and cannot be taken by the State of California or the County of Los Angeles. 


Measure SM will be applied only to real estate property sales of $5 million or more. Measure SM leverages Santa Monica’s high property values to help protect public health and essential public services for all of us. 


We will get through this together. 


Please join us in voting YES on Measure SM for a strong Santa Monica.

“Santa Monica Strong – Yes on SM, FPPC ID#1430781.”